Angelina Jolie Takes Kids Shiloh and Knox to a Renaissance Faire

Angelina Jolie visited the Renaissance Pleasure Faire
Even Angelina Jolie couldn’t resist having a giant turkey leg at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, Calif. (Photo: Mega Agency)

It seems like the Jolie-Pitt kids have been having quite the adventure since their famous parents split — visits to Buckingham Palace and spendy bookstore trips in London, movie premieres with their mom in Cambodia, and now a Renaissance Faire in … Irwindale, Calif.?

Yup, it’s true. Angelina Jolie, 41, took daughter Shiloh, 10, and son Knox, 8, to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire along with some friends. They hung out like normal folk and did the usual Ren Faire things — like chatting up everyone in medieval garb, playing games, and chowing down on corn cobs and giant turkey legs.

According to sources, Shiloh had a blast and took particular interest in the knife-throwing act, until Knox pulled her away to go see the wizard show.

The fam was dressed casually and ready for a day of fun. Jolie gave us some serious Lara Croft vibes in her all-black ensemble and ponytail. Similarly, Knox followed mom’s lead and wore black combat boots and a hoodie, while Shiloh broke the mold in her cropped camo pants.

Angelina Jolie, daughter Shiloh, and son Knox had a blast at the Renaissance Pleasure Fair. (Photo: Mega Agency)
Angelina Jolie, daughter Shiloh, and son Knox had a blast at the Renaissance Pleasure Fair. (Photo: Mega Agency)

Along with giant turkey legs, Jolie was flanked by a pair of giant bodyguards (we’re guessing they may have eaten turkey legs, too).

Whether Jolie was in great spirits or pining away for Brad Pitt depends on who you read. Hollywood Life reported her smile wasn’t “genuine” and that she seemed anxious at the Renaissance Faire, adding, “It really seemed like she was putting on a show… She made small talk with some of the stall holders, but didn’t seem comfortable at all to be among so many people.”

Meanwhile, TMZ reported Jolie was enjoying a lovely day out with her kids — and a few hundred medieval-inclined friends. All told, the family spent a couple quality hours checking out all the costumes, booths, and games.

Speaking of spirits, Pitt’s GQ interview is still making waves — and so is the latest news from Page Six. It reported today that Pitt went to a special VIP facility, billed as a “discreet Los Angeles center designed for high-profile Hollywood figures,” to get sober following his split from Jolie. It was Pitt’s handlers who allegedly urged him to get help.

It was there that Pitt reportedly attended meetings and therapy sessions, including “intense” group therapy and one-on-one sessions that took place at a private residence bankrolled by a mysterious wealthy source who once suffered from addiction himself (or herself).

While there was no mention of rehab in GQ, Pitt did open up to the mag about his issues with substance abuse, saying, “I can’t remember a day since I got out of college when I wasn’t boozing or had a spliff, or something. Something… I was boozing too much. It’s just become a problem.”

It seems everything has calmed on the split front, and with rumors that Jolie has purchased the famed Cecil B. DeMille mansion in Los Feliz, it appears the Pitt-Jolie family will be sticking a little closer together than they had in months past. We wonder where the kids will get to go next…

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