AJ McLean Wants His Daughters to Be Gay So He Doesn’t Need to Deal With Their Boyfriends

In March, Backstreet Boys member AJ McLean welcomed his second daughter, Lyric Dean.

The little cutie is sister to 4-year-old Ava Jaymes, and AJ recently spoke to Refinery29 about fatherhood. The conversation turned to dating, and specifically, his daughters’ future boyfriends.

The singer dreads that part, which led to him saying, “I hope that both of my daughters are gay because that takes all penis out of my life — I do not want to deal with boys ever.”

McLean appears to have been joking but went on about his antiboy precautions, saying that to intimidate them, he’d create an alter ego who had spent time in prison.

He imagined what this character would potentially say to one of his daughters’ suitors: “‘Look, I was in prison, and all these tattoos were from prison, so if you mess up, you know I’m gonna hurt you.’”

McLean later admitted that anybody could search for his name online and figure out that his background is the exact opposite of prison.

With all these fears, one might wonder: Would AJ have preferred sons?

He told Refinery29: “Nope, nope. All my bandmates have boys — too much testosterone.”

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