The 2023 Toyota Tacoma Is Still the King

2023 toyota tacoma
The 2023 Toyota Tacoma Is Still the KingToyota

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Toyota’s Tacoma started life nearly three decades ago as a replacement for the creatively named Toyota Pickup. Since its inception, the Tacoma was popular with off-road and compact truck enthusiasts alike. Toyota seems to have only fostered this popularity over three decades and turned it into a dominating sales success. While the Tacoma is gearing up for a new generation, this current-gen Tacoma features a 2.7-liter I4 or a 3.5-liter V6 mated to a six-speed automatic. Available in two-wheel or four-wheel-drive, the Tacoma has something for folks who need off-road chops or just want a smaller truck to cruise around sunny California streets.

On this episode of Quick Spin, host Wesley Wren hops behind the wheel of the ’23 Toyota Tacoma. Wren takes you around the Toyota Tacoma to highlight its styling and features before taking you along on a live drive review. Mark Vaughn chimes in to talk about off-roading, midsize trucks, and more. The pair discuss the Tacoma’s competition in the market and its overwhelming success. Closing the show, the two breakdown what makes the Tacoma special.

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