'2 Broke Girls' star Kat Dennings would love to do a farewell special

Kat Dennings (Photo: Getty Images)
Kat Dennings (Photo: Getty Images)

When Kat Dennings learned that CBS was cancelling her sitcom 2 Broke Girls after six seasons, she and her co-star, Beth Behrs, did what any of us might do after experiencing a major disappointment: “We had a wine and pizza explosion at her house, where we ate and drank everything in sight, basically,” she says. “It was actually great!”

Production on the show has wrapped, but Dennings says she and Behrs are as close as ever. “We talk exactly the same amount as we always did,” says the actress, who caught up with Yahoo Entertainment at an event for Masterpass by Mastercard. “Now, I just don’t get to see her every day, which is a bummer, but we talk, I’d say at least every other day.”

Next up for Dennings is the new Hulu pilot Dollface, in which she’ll portray a young woman who is dumped by her long-term boyfriend and embarks upon a quest to rekindle the female friendships of her single days that she left behind. “We’re still in the early stages of writing, so it’s still kind of far away from happening,” she says, “but I’m excited to get that going.”

Still, leaving 2 Broke Girls behind has been tough. “This show, and I’m not exaggerating, was pretty much the most formative experience of my entire life,” she says. Dennings regrets that fans didn’t get to see Max and Caroline find their happy endings. “We didn’t get to see Max and Randy’s real wedding, which I think would’ve been cool,” she says. Dennings adds that she and 2 Broke Girls creator Michael Patrick King “actually talked as if there was going to be another season, and we were talking about how even when Max and Randy got married, she and Caroline can’t live apart, so what would that have looked like? Would Max and Caroline have moved to California? Because they can’t be separated. So it was going to be kind of a funny thing and have them have their individual success.”

Given the current rash of reboots on TV, Dennings is open to revisiting Max and Caroline down the road, should an opportunity arise. “Maybe one day we’ll wrap it all up with a two-hour special where we see all of these things happen,” says the actress. “I would love that. I think the people that watched the show for so many years deserve some closure, and I would love to give that to them.”

2 Broke Girls airs in syndication on TBS. Check your local listings.

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