Beauty Crush: Mary Kate + Ashley

Bobbi Brown
Editor in Chief

Photo: Amy Troost /MAP

I love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s cool girl style. Between their of-the-moment collection, The Row, and their fresh take on beauty, the sisters are consistently ahead of the curve. This picture captures the twin sisters’ polished yet urban style, and their knack for setting themselves apart. They’ve perfected the I-just-woke-up-like-this look, but they’ve made an effort. Their flawless skin comes from either a BB cream or foundation that provides full coverage, but is still natural looking. It’s an example of why it’s key to take the time to pick a foundation that is the right color and texture for your skin.

Their shiny, slightly mussed hair—up in a bun or worn loose—is most likely a day-old blow out that they didn’t brush out. Blush, if there is any, is a dusty very natural shade, or just a highlighter at the top of their cheekbones. And they can rock a pale lip because they are blonde; they never look washed out. (For brunettes, the lip color should have a tiny bit more color to it.) For their sexy, smudged eye makeup look, just use a pencil all the way around and layer shadow liner on top with a brush. Throw on a couple of coats of black mascara. It’s not about looking perfect or precise, but slightly smudged. The eyebrows are brushed up and filled in with a color that matches the brow color. Click here to learn how to master your brows like Mary-Kate and Ashley.