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See a Corvette ZR1 owner build his own engine in eight minutes


See a Corvette ZR1 owner build his own engine in eight minutesBack in January, Corvette fan Beau Blackwell took advantage of General Motors build your own engine option, a $5,800 experience unique in the world for letting customers assemble their own powerplants -- in this case, a 638-hp LS9 supercharged V-8 for his Corvette ZR1. Anyone can buy a fast car, but how many owners get to brag about building one?

Corvette sales are a rounding error on GM's bottom line, and the engine building is overseen by technicians who manage the assembly and ensure the car can live up to Chevrolet's standard warranty. Whomever came up with the idea for GM deserves recognition for realizing that the most passionate Vette owners want to get their hands dirty. Blackwell and his buddies caught the entire process on camera, and shrunk it into this 8-minute clip, including travel time. If you're not a fan of Skrillex, you'll want to hit the mute button.