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The only Mosler RaptorGTR can be yours for a song — and $700,000


The only Mosler RaptorGTR can be yours for a song — and $700,000Warren Mosler's decades-long dream of becoming the American Enzo Ferrari ended quietly last year, done in by the economic downturn and unfortunate choices. His company's last gasp was this car, the 838-hp Mosler RaptorGTR, which its engineer designed to beat the Bugatti Veyron and any other supercar in the world. The only one built can now be bought for $700,000, but it comes with a set of matching emotional baggage.

You can read all about the car's owner/engineer Todd Wagner, and his struggles with Mosler and others in this lengthy Jalopnik piece from last November. Since then, Wagner has found a new outlet for promoting his car, with a placement in singer Kat Deluna's upcoming music video, and what he called in a press release an exclusive showing of the vehicle in Miami this weekend. (The original music video appearance has disappeared from the web.) Otherwise, the carbon-fiber RaptorGTR remains as envisioned, with Wagner touting that it has a better power-to-weight ratio than the Bugatti, Pagani Huyara or Ferrari F12.

In a press release, Wagner's firm says he's advertising the car around the world, with an eye toward those booming markets for supercars, the United Arab Emirates and China. It does seem like just the car to pull up to the valet at the Mall of the Emirates -- after all, Bugatti will build 500 Veyrons, but there will never, ever be another Mosler RaptorGTR.