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Mercedes responds to Jaguar’s chicken spoof by getting technical

December 19, 2013

Earlier this week, we brought you Jaguar's spoof of Mercedes' chicken commercial. (Confused? click here.) We wondered whether Mercedes would issue a response. They have. Only not in the form of a video (at least not yet), rather they released the ad above, with a caption on Facebook stating that "Jaguar is proud of their cat-like reflexes. #IntelligentDrive helps ensure they can stay that way."

This chicken fight just turned into a cat fight.

Mercedes offers technology such as PRE-SAFE braking (written in capitals because it must be shouted). It's actually a rather clever feature, one that senses when you're about to crash, via the traction and stability control systems, and adjusts the seat belt tensioners to brace, moves the front seats back or forward to optimize the position for when the airbags deploy, and closes the side windows and sunroof. If you somehow end up not crashing, it realizes this and reverts back to its original settings.

Jaguar doesn't have this. Nor does it feature a variety of different cabin scents to compliment your mood. And Mercedes' occupants enjoy a massage that features "hot stones," whatever that means. Jaguar only does regular stones. And so, with this friendly jab issuing the response we've been waiting for, the Germans have gone all technical. And that's a problem for the Brits. What's a Jag to do?