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Detroit Auto Show 2012: Chrysler sneaks 700C minivan concept

January 9, 2012

Without notice, without details, Chrysler pulled a surprise at today's Detroit auto show preview by pulling the cover from this minivan concept. Dubbed the 700C, it suggests Chrysler wants to find a 21st-century version of a people hauler.

It's rare for an automaker to just throw an expensive, one-off concept car in front of journalists without some kind of notice. Chrysler's gone one step further and decline to put any details or narrative around the 700C. It's just supposed to sit there and ask: Would your kids look through those windows?

Smaller than the current generation Chrysler and Dodge minivans, but still sporting seven seats, the 700C reflects a European feel -- which would make eminent sense if Chrysler and Fiat wanted to sell the same people mover on two continents. Fiat has been rumored to be planning a replacement for the Dodge Grand Caravan in 2014; something like this would bring an unusual amount of style to the world of family haulers.