New Corvette Stingray found wrecked; public demands answers

October 11, 2013

No one knows much about the photo above, which popped up on Reddit Thursday shows a 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray after a nasty accident. Given that the new Stingray just hit dealerships last month, and the Internet's eternal communal urge to shout "first!" at everything, social sleuths already suspect this shot documents the first private owner crash of a 2014 Vette. (GM already sacrificed one in road testing.)

If the man leaning over the car did just sign its papers in the past few weeks, our condolences to him. We will refrain from speculating about any causes or issuing generic slander of sports-car owners attitudes toward traction control and 420 hp. Even in a nearly $70,000 car, there could be enough damage here to make this the first new Stingray in America's salvage yards, and that's a cause for mourning. Of all that can be said here, only one statement has the power of truth: It won't be the last wrecked Stingray.