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BMW M4 bucks tradition, concept leaks ahead of official reveal

Aki Sugawara
August 15, 2013

BMW’s name change of the iconic M3 to the M4 may draw howls of protests from Bimmerphiles, but look past the nomenclature and there’s lots to love about the M coupe, which leaked ahead of its official debut at Pebble Beach.

Although called a concept, the production version won’t change much visually when it debuts next year. Like the outgoing M3, the M4 sees subtle visual tweaks from the standard 4 Series, which include a power-domed hood, a boomerang fender vent (integrating more seamlessly with the character line), larger wheels, and a quad-exhaust system in the back.

What’s more compelling are the changes underneath the sheet metal. Downsizing from the sonorous V-8 that redlines at a stratospheric 8400 rpm, the engine in the M4 will be a turbocharged straight six, making an estimated 450 horsepower. And BMW finally reverses the trend of new M cars gaining weight, with the new M4 shedding a couple hundred pounds.

More details may be coming at the concept’s official unveiling tonight—meanwhile, click the gallery below for more images.