Fans Revolt After Martha Stewart Posts Picture With Controversial Celebrity

Martha Stewart

After attending the 2024 Kentucky Derby, Martha Stewart shared photos from the exciting day with fans, but one little detail had the comments filled with intense criticism.

Stewart posted a handful of snaps posing with some jockeys, photographer Douglas Friedman, singer Josh Groban, and a few others—but the presence of singer Kid Rock got everyone worked up.

In the fourth photo of the update, Stewart smiled in a tan ensemble and wide-brimmed hat while holding a few roses, while Kid Rock stood beside her in a pink suit and a cowboy hat.

The comments quickly filled up with complaints and criticism, with replies like, "Kid Rock? Nope," "Not Kid Rock, girl, c’mon," and, "Kid Rock?? No Martha please 😭😭."

Another questioned, "Martha…. Why are you taking photos w kid rock… no one told you??" Others called the situation "disappointing" and said to Stewart, "You know better."

"I’m happy to see everyone in the comments are thinking the same thing I am!" said a different fan.

There were a few fans who felt differently about her association with Kid Rock, but the overwhelming consensus was that Stewart shouldn't have taken a photo with him. Many take issue with Kid Rock for his multiple controversies over the years for his conservative beliefs and explicit behavior.

Stewart has not responded to the backlash for her association with the country singer.

Although her newest post continues to be criticized by fans, another recent update from Stewart featuring a different well-known face had the opposite effect.

While hosting an event in Los Vegas, Stewart chatted and posed with none other than Donna Kelce, the mother of Jason and Travis Kelce. Fans loved the two together, calling the duo "icons" and cheering on the photo.

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