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16 Cool Halloween Costume Ideas to Shop Right Now

Yahoo Style Staff
Yahoo Style

Less than a week left until Halloween — and you’re all set with the costume you’ve been carefully planning since August, right? Yeah, neither are we. But that doesn’t mean our only recourse is a running to the nearest Spirit store and grabbing a weirdly expensive, yet cheap-looking prefab costume. The truth is, you can probably build a much better Halloween costume, DIY style. Just grab a few items from your closet, throw in a just-for-Halloween buy or two, and voilà — a custom costume that looks way better than anything in cheapie polyester.

To prove it, we asked Polyvore to bring us its best user-generated Halloween sets. Ahead, you’ll find 16 cool costume ideas, that you can click to shop right on Polyvore. Trust us, there’s still plenty of time to look as if you put effort into Halloween (thank God for two-day shipping).

Channel the badass heroine of the Netflix original series that's not "Stranger Things" with this Jessica Jones costume.

Is it the most shockingly original costume ever? Definitely not. Do we adore this unusually elegant take on the cat costume – complete with slinky jumpsuit – anyway? For sure.

Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn

It's not even Halloween yet, but Harley Quinn has already emerged as the costume of the year. Click over to Polyvore to shop this note-perfect look — right down to that satin bomber we'd gladly wear the other 364 days of the year.

Wednesday Addams

Wednesday Addams gets a high-fashion twist in this set featuring the covetable Gucci Mary Janes.

Cher Horowitz of ‘Clueless’

Cher Horowitz has been a Halloween favorite for 20 years now (yeah, we feel old too), but when the costume is this dead-on, we're happy to see it again.

Snow White

We love this Polyvore user's ultramodern take on Snow Whitevelvet tank top, anyone?

Stranger Things’ Barb Holland

Let the other girls be Eleven — you'll knock 'em dead as the dorky, yet somehow badass Barb Holland, who may have met her untimely end, but sure looked amazing doing it. This one's all about those mom jeans.

A Pirate

Channel your inner swashbuckler in this surprisingly chic pirate costume.

The Grand Budapest Hotel’s Agatha

This Polyvore set perfectly captures the winsome charm of Agatha.

Beauty and the Beast’s Belle

This cute denim jumper and blouse set just goes to show you, a Disney princess costume doesn't have to be cheesy.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Holly Golightly

Make a splash in the maxi dress and pearl look worn by Holly Golightly in the opening scene of "Breakfast at Tiffany's" – let's not forget that this was a walk of shame/pride scene – we should all look so chic stumbling home the day after Halloween.

Gwen Stefani

This Gwen Stefani minidress-and-Mary-Janes look is cute on Halloween, or any day of the year.

’90s Goth Babe

Bat pins, a velvet dress, and a ribbon choker – yep, it's time to channel the '90s goth girl for Halloween. Don't forget your blood-red lip.

Mary Poppins

For the Disney fan who doesn't so much do the princess thing, there's this lovely, and surprisingly accurate ode to the world's most patient nanny, Mary Poppins.


The world's most adorable electric mouse is easily doable with a few choice accessories, and a healthy dollop of red face paint.

Jessica Jones

Channel the badass heroine of the Netflix original series that's not "Stranger Things" with this Jessica Jones costume.

A Black Cat

Is it the most shockingly original costume ever? Definitely not. Do we adore this unusually elegant take on the cat costume – complete with slinky jumpsuit – anyway? For sure.


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