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1. Harley Quinn

Polyvore’s most-searched costume should come as no surprise to anyone: It’s the wisecracking, oversexualized, problematic character Harley Quinn. Wear this costume at your own risk — namely, the risk of being the fifth person in satin short shorts at the party. (Photo: Courtesy of Party City)

20 Halloween Costumes NOT to Wear This Year

Leeann Duggan
Senior Editor
Yahoo Style

We’re currently T-minus two weeks until Halloween, and if you haven’t put serious thought into your costume yet, then chances are you’re this close to running into that Spirit superstore that suddenly popped up in the abandoned Kohl’s and grabbing the first thing you see. Which is fine, of course — if you don’t mind being one of an entire Suicide Squad full of Harley Quinns twirling their pigtails at the bar. You can do better than that, right?

To help you avoid that fate, we asked Polyvore to tell us of its 20 most-searched women’s costumes over the past month. These are the ones you’ll see tons of this Halloween, so wear at your own risk — or, better yet, skip them altogether. Click ahead to avoid the ultimate Halloween faux pas — well, the ultimate faux pas not involving alcohol, anyway.