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Brad Pitt lost his ‘Jim Jefferies Show’ weatherman gig to Seth Rogen

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On Tuesday’s The Jim Jefferies Show, the host welcomed a new weatherman to the show, played by Seth Rogen. The gig was previously held by Brad Pitt, and his common theme was usually the impending death of our planet due to climate change. But right off the bat on Tuesday, it was clear that Rogen’s weatherman would bring a little more positivity than Pitt’s did.Cole Kleen's the name, and boy hasn't it been a hell of a year,” Rogen said, to introduce the character. “The best year of weather ever in Earth's history.” It turns out the new weatherman came with a bit of an agenda, because he works for the show’s new fake sponsor: Organic Industrial Liquids. Also known as, OIL. So his main focus was getting Jefferies, and the audience, on board with all-things oil.“Did you know birds love oil spills? Because it means they get a warm dish soap bath,” Rogen joked. “And this one's very neat. Once there's enough plastic in the ocean, we'll be able to walk to Europe!”Eventually, and because Rogen’s character threatened to pull the fake sponsor’s fake funding from the show, Jefferies came around on the idea of oil not being so bad for the planet afterall.“ I think that -- if oil is so bad, why would they put it on salads?” Jefferies said. “You can't make electricity from the sun, it's too far away.”The Jim Jefferies Show airs Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m. on Comedy Central.Check out why Anna Kendrick was so happy to win a Teen Choice Award over Ryan Reynolds:

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