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    AMC Theatres Bankruptcy Rumors Grow, But That Move Wouldn’t Be The End Of The Chain Or The Biz

    In the wake of a S&P Global report that forecasted AMC Entertainment's depletion of cash by mid-summer and its potential inability to re-open by June, media reports have already written the chain's obituary. But hold on one moment. While distribution and rival exhibition sources wouldn't be shocked if AMC files Chapter 11 in the near […]

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    How Tall Is Barron Trump? A Very Serious Investigation

    The journalistic tradition of determining the height of a public figure is a long and storied one. While we can’t be certain that fledgling New York Times reporters hunted down clues in 1860 about the comparative heights of presidential candidates Abraham Lincoln (6’4”) and Stephen A. Douglas (5’4”), there’s no doubt that the men’s relative stature was of great interest to the electorate at large. (After all, Douglas’s nickname was “Little Giant” and, some 160 years later, Lincoln remains famous for his height — among, you know, other things.)In more recent years, similar investigations have been launched to determine the heights of everyone from Tom Cruise (5’7”) to Jake Gyllenhaal (5’11”) to Adam Driver (6’3” aka So Big). There’s even a website, the estimable CelebHeights, devoted to the topic. (Which, by the way, the only better place on the entire internet is FamousBirthdays, which affords a really generous interpretation of the word “famous.”)But, it isn’t only celebrities whose heights are of interest today, politicians’ heights are still a topic of conversation; the myth that the taller of any two presidential candidates is the one who always wins is still pervasive, if demonstrably false. However, while some people might be interested in the respective heights of Bernie Sanders (6’0”) and Joe Biden (also 6’0”), or are perhaps invested in the height of President Donald Trump (either 6’ ½”, down from 6’2” at his peak, or 6’3”), we are only interested in the height of one of the other current residents of the White House: Barron Trump. At 14 years old, Barron is the president’s youngest child, but he’s also, possibly, his tallest. As a recent photo of Barron revealed, the teenager is now towering over his parents, with whom he is currently sheltering in place, despite being not “as happy as he could be.” We can only hope that Barron’s Oedipus complex one day brings this national nightmare to an end. pic.twitter.com/jbO6BcULuF — Daniel Denvir (@DanielDenvir) April 6, 2020But, “towering over his parents” is not a height. So, how tall is Barron Trump?Interestingly, the internet has no definitive answers. A quick Google of “how tall is Barron Trump” simply confirms the fact that Barron is, indeed, tall, and then offers up the information that Donald Trump is 6’3” — though that is almost certainly not true, as the President has, in the past, said his height was 6’2” and, as is the case with many septuagenarians, is presumed to have shrunk a bit in stature. Still, though, Barron is taller than his father, so is 6’1” — at least.  Barron is also taller than his mother, Melania, whose height is said to be 5’11”; Melania is most frequently photographed wearing heels, which would make her appear to be closer to 6’1” or 6’2,” making Barron even taller than that.As is the case with pretty much all 14-year-olds, Barron wasn’t always as tall as he is now. (Obviously!) But because Barron has been not infrequently photographed during the precise years when most people experience significant growth spurts, his suddenly looming stature has become a point of interest. Where once it was possible to just say about Barron, “wow, he’s tall,” as compared to his notably tall parents, now there are calls for NBA scouts to visit 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, because, wow, he’s tall.Barron and his parents are not the only tall people in the Trump family. Don Jr. (6’1”), Eric (6’4”), and Ivanka (5’11”) are also objectively tall. Tiffany is not particularly tall (5’8”), but that’s not really so surprising, is it? Another prominent member of the Trump clan, Jared Kushner, is also tall (6’3”), and is one of those people whose height can be measured beyond mere inches, and verges into emotional measurement territory. (Kushner has been described as being “Slenderman-tall,” by me, to a friend. Slenderman is a cool 8’.)Unfortunately, there are virtually no recent photos of Barron with any of his siblings or sibling-in-laws that we could use to determine if Barron is definitively taller than either Eric (6’4”) or Kushner (6’3” or 8’, depending). But, that’s fine anyway, since the one thing of which we can be certain is that no matter how tall Barron is now, he’ll be taller soon, since most boys don’t finish growing until they’re 16, which is almost a full two years from now for Barron. And, according to one internet height predictor tool, by then, Barron might be 6’7″. To which we say, good for you, Barron. Good for you. Like what you see? How about some more R29 goodness, right here?Was This Barron Trump Joke Okay?Alicia Keys, Billie Eilish, & Ali Wong Team UpTrailer For Beware The Slenderman Is Terrifying

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    Jared Kushner Brings an End to the Era of the Skinny Suit

    What was once an emblem of stylish populism is now the uniform of Kushner and his would-be government disruptors.

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    Corporate Insiders Are Frantically Buying Up Their Own Stock

    (Bloomberg) -- With buybacks on the outs, people have occasionally been baffled over who’s been doing the buying as the stock market surged. One answer is corporate insiders.Corporate executives and officers have been adding shares of their own firms over the past few weeks at breakneck speed. So much so that they’re more bullish than they’ve been at most other points in the past decade, according to Sundial Capital Research.Over that stretch -- admittedly, one that occurred during a massive bull market -- peak episodes of insider buying have been a good sign for stocks, with the S&P 500 up a median of 20% over the next year. Widening the lens back to 1997, the benchmark gained 12.6% in the 12 months that followed forceful insider buys.“There’s enough here to consider insider positions a positive,” Jason Goepfert, the president of Blaine, Minnesota-based research firm Sundial, wrote in a note Friday. “We just can’t assume it’s a pound-the-table buy signal like most of the other points over the past decade when trends were clearly more favorable.”The buying is a notable display of confidence for executives and officers of S&P 500 companies after the average stock swung in a 45% range over the last month. After equities fell into a bear market as the fastest rate ever, with the index down 34% at a March low, it took just 15 days to shoot up more than 20%.Insiders wield much less buying power than companies do repurchasing their shares, a practice that has been all but shut off as companies conserve cash. Its import is mainly symbolic, showing the people with the clearest insights into corporate health are seeing bargains.“It’s an expression of their confidence in their companies and their confidence in the U.S. economy to adapt and to push forward in difficult times,” Brent Schutte, chief investment strategist at Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management, said by phone. “A capitalistic society adapts to changing environments, and you’re seeing some of that adaptation even in today’s environment.”Obviously, there are no guarantees. In the first half of March, insider buys outstripped sales by the most since 2011, data from The Washington Service showed. The next week, the S&P 500 fell 15%, its worst since 2008.During the financial crisis, insider buying picked up in October 2008 and then receded while market losses kept piling up. Demand spiked again in February 2009, and the next month stocks embarked on an 11-year bull run. After the dot-com bubble burst, insiders similarly stepped in early, in August 2001, before backing off as the sell-off continued. It wasn’t until June 2002 that heavy insider buying returned, three months into a bull market.For Shawn Cruz, manager of trader strategy at TD Ameritrade, it could be a positive signal nonetheless.“You’ve got investment managers who follow these markets saying equities in general are over-sold, and now you have a lot of insiders at companies coming out across the board as well and purchasing their stock,” Cruz said by phone. It “can give credence or reinforce that narrative that things are broadly over-sold for the time being.”For more articles like this, please visit us at bloomberg.comSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted business news source.©2020 Bloomberg L.P.

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    Fauci says he thinks schools will be able to reopen in the fall

    While it is not a certainty, it is likely that schools will be able to reopen in the fall, said Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, on Tuesday. “I fully expect — though I'm humble enough that I can't accurately predict — that by the time we get to the fall that we will have this under control enough, that it certainly will not be the way it is now — where people are shutting schools,” Fauci said at the daily coronavirus briefing at the White House. Asked about whether summer camps will be able to open, Fauci was more circumspect.