Testing the Smart Hitch Tech on the F-150 Lightning

At Autoblog’s Tech of the Year, Senior Editor Jeremy Korzeniewski demonstrates the Smart Hitch Tech system which assists the driver with proper weight distribution for whatever they are towing on the all-electric F-150 Lightning.

Video Transcript

JEREMY KORZENIEWSKI: We're here for Autoblog's 2022 Tech of the Year Competition and we are going to test the Smart Hitch in a Ford F-150 Lightning. So we're in the vehicle screen. We'll hit the Smart Hitch button.

We'll say Continue, Quick Setup. We've already set the hitch wait. Excuse me, we're going to reset the hitch wait, that gives us back to 0. We've loaded 800 pounds into the system.

So it notes how much weight the trailer and our cargo weighs. Right now, we are empty. We are very firmly into the red, which means we are not safe for 800 pounds of trailer towing. So let's get our ballast in. Hey Byron, go ahead and hop in the trailer.

So Byron is too far back in the trailer. Go ahead and move forward, Byron. And as you can see, as he moves forward in the trailer, now we're in green, so we're good to go. If he moves too far forward, we'll go back into the red, but he's staying in the green.