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Photo by: instagram.com/shimejiwasabi
Best friends Imchi (kitten) and Ponzu (Golden Retriever).


Golden Retriever and Kitten’s Friendship Will Make You Feel like a Third Wheel


Ponzu is a fully grown Golden Retriever. Imchi is a tiny kitten. Though they have many physical differences, their love for one another is the same in any species.

When Imchi was rejected by her mother last year, animal lover Jessiepon took her in. She was already the proud owner of Ponzu, who quickly became a paternal figure for the kitten and began spending all his time with the cat, caring for her as though she were his own.

The two are now inseparable, and have taken over Instagram - and our hearts. Whether they're celebrating the holidays or just taking a nap, they show that a true friend can come from the most unlikely of places.

Prepare to melt with some of the most heartwarming photos of love that knows no bounds, and see more of these adorable BFFs on their Instagram page.