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Travel Horoscope: Check Your Stars, Pack Your Bags, and Go!

Travel Horoscope: Check Your Stars, Pack Your Bags, and Go!Israeli postage stamp from 1961 designed by I. Blaushild. (Photo: Karen Horton)

This #travelscope is for the week of July 21-27, 2014


Angel Falls in Canaima National Park in Venezuela (Photo: Thinkstock)

Aries: The planets have shifted this week, Aries, and now it’s your turn to receive the love and attention you’ve been giving out lately. Let your biggest fans snap some totally awesome shots of you as you bungee jump at Angel Falls in Canaima National Park in Venezuela. And let the love reflect back to you from the spectacular mirror of the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, the world’s largest salt flat. It’s time to take it all in!


Mayan Temple in Palenque, Mexico (Photo: Thinkstock) 

Taurus: The Moon in your sign early in the week is making you extra emotional and sensitive this week, while Mars is giving you a nudge to get your physical fitness program back on track. A morning run through the Gangaramaya Temple Park in Colombo, Sri Lanka, will surely inspire you and make you feel strong in your body and soul. Or bathe yourself in history as you hike through the Mayan temples in Palenque, Mexico, dating back to 226 B.C., then cool off in the awe-inspiring nearby Cascadas de Agua Azul. Inspiration to action is the key this week, Taurus, and it all comes from the heart.

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A beach in Sardinia, Italy (Photo: Alessandro Pili/Flickr) 

Gemini: The Moon in your sign midweek makes you extra flirty and feisty this week, Gemini, so make some plans to get yourself out there and be the social butterfly we all know and love you to be. Roar! Lounge by day along the turquoise beaches and yacht-hop at night in Porto Cervo Marina with the many new friends you will surely make in Sardinia. Or head south to Tunisia, where you can parasail above the Mediterranean or ride a camel through the Tataouine desert. By land or by sea, the adventure is just beginning.


Prague’s fairytale-like old town (Photo: Pavel Moravec/Flickr) 

Cancer: The Moon in your sign this week joins Mercury and Venus, and the planets of love and communication come together, giving your heart a song. Be serenaded on a gondola in Venice, Italy, and sing along as you glide through the canals of one of the most unique and uplifting cities in the world. Or grab a pint of pivo and head underground to the jazz clubs of Prague for a beer-soaked, toe-tappin’ night you’ll never forget. Tune into the music all around you this week, Cancer. It will resound in your soul.

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The iconic Pitons of St. Lucia in the Caribbean (Photo: …your local connection/Flickr) 

Leo: The Sun and Jupiter freshly in your sign are making you feel expansive and buoyant, Leo. Feel free and supported as you float in the fantastically blue waters of the Caribbean in St. Lucia. Or climb to the top of the Green Mountains in Stowe, Vt., to get a good look at the future. Start getting used to this kind of expansion and support from Jupiter — you’ve got a good year of it coming your way!

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The State House in Austin, Texas (Photo: Patrick Gensel/Flickr)

Virgo: You’ve been flying under the radar lately, Virgo, but now it’s time you let yourself and your relationships take center-stage. Head to the capital and center of Texas, Austin, where the kids know how to have a good time, and you can make some new friends. Or zero in on your partnerships as you climb to the top of the famous spiral staircase in Quinta da Regaleira, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Sintra, Portugal, which will also appeal to your love of history. Whether you are keeping things quiet and intimate or joining in with a group, stay present with yourself and your friends.

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Misty Mount Danxia in China (Photo: Cynthia Ho/Flickr)

Libra: As Mars wraps up its sojourn in your sign and its connection to the wild North Node, its time to kick things into high gear this week, Libra. Journey with camera in hand to Guangdong, China’s Mount Danxia, where the colorful layers of land are beyond anything you could imagine existed, or have an elephant encounter at Nxai Pan National Park in Botswana. Make way for the unexpected this week, Libra!

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The stunning and scenic Big Island, Hawaii  (Photo: paul bica/Flickr) 

Scorpio: Focus on intimacy and trust this week, Scorpio. You have a lot of personal work at hand, but luckily you have loads of friends rallying around you cheering you on. Gather with these good souls on the Big Island of Hawaii or in the Atlantian Azores, where you will feel the love and support these places and people hold for you. Breathe it all in now, and become fortified, as things are going to take a dramatic shift next week when Mars jumps into your sign, making you feel like you are ready to take on the world.

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Penguins in Antarctica (Photo: Antarctica Bound/Flickr)

Sagittarius: The transit of the Moon this week is spotlighting relationships and partnerships for you, Sagittarius. This comes as no surprise as you have been busy cleaning out your karmic closet lately, making sure you are surrounding yourself with supporters and releasing any hangers-on. Keep your best pal close as you travel to northwestern Europe to Bruges in Belgium, with its emerald canals and uplifting Flemish architecture. Or enjoy some quiet time together as you journey far south to Antarctica, where the only ones to interrupt you will be a few curious penguins. Being present for each other is the key this week.

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Blue waters and white sand in Maya Bay, Thailand (Photo: Lutz/Flickr)

Capricorn: With the movement of the planets this week, your focus is shifting from just work to your deeper connections. Whether you are spending quiet, quality time with your loved one on the secluded beach in Maya Bay, Thailand, or driving up Ocean Drive in Miami’s South Beach, this is the week to search your heart for what you need from your relationships and start putting it into action.

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The Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand (Photo: Pat Scullion/Flickr) 

Aquarius: The Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars are all gathering around your partnerships and your business, giving you a well-deserved boost, Water Bearer. You’ve recently had a deeper understanding of the importance of your alliances, and now it’s time to express the gratitude for the support you’ve received. The Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand, with the marvelous marina nearby, or the CN Tower in Toronto, overlooking Lake Ontario, are perfect spots to toast to your kindred souls — and to yourself.

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Eagle River in Vail, Colo. (Photo: uccsbiology/Flickr)

Pisces: As Mars prepares to shift next week, take this week to do some deep investigating. Hop on a train from Delhi, India, all the way up into the Himalayas, and see what is driving you lately. Check in on your own motivations as you spend some meditative time fly-fishing in the rivers of Vail, Colo. The clicking of the tracks and the babbling of the brooks will lull you into a deeper space, where the truths will be revealed. Next week is a new chapter, so use this week well. 

Our travel astrologer, Alexia Neonakis, is a graduate of New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study and the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico, where she studied with Dr. Vasant Lad and Dr. Claudia Welch. She has been analyzing Vedic charts professionally for more than seven years, but has been drawing up charts for everyone she knows since she was about 13 years old. 

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