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Sweat, Sights, and Sexiness: Model Teresa Moore’s Favorite Running Routes

Sweat, Sights, and Sexiness: Model Teresa Moore’s Favorite Running Routes

Model Teresa Moore in Miami (Photo: Courtesy Teresa Moore)

How does model Teresa Moore maximize her time while crisscrossing the globe for L’Oreal, Rolex, H&M, and Ralph Lauren? By combining her running workouts with sightseeing — something you can easily do, too. 

From the beaches of South Africa to the gardens of Singapore, the streets of NYC to the parks of Rome, here are the brunette beauty’s top 12 picks of sightseeing runs across the globe. And if you want more, check out her blog, Teresa Tasteswhere she shares her insider tips on food, fashion, travel, nutrition, and more! 

LONDON: River Thames Run

See the royal sights along this 5-mile run down the Thames River. Start at the historical Tower Bridge and London Bridge in the East, head along the river to Shakespeare’s Tudor-style Globe Theatre, past the Oxo Tower, dodge tourists at Westminster Abbey and Big Ben then head north to quaint St. James and Green Park, ending at the magnificent gates of Buckingham Palace.

running london

Running across the Thames River in London (Photo: Shutterstock)

teresa moore models in London

Teresa Moore models on London Bridge. (Photo: Courtesy Teresa Moore)

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Run five miles along the shore on the harder sand of the picturesque Grace Bay while marveling at the sunlight glinting off its crystal clear waters. There is possibly no more beautiful beach in the world and depending on the hour it can be all for yourself — or humming with sunseekers.

running turks and caicos

The crystal blue waters of Gracy Bay (Photo: Tobias Lindman/Flickr)

MIAMI: South Beach Run
Fun and colorful Miami Beach seems made for runs. Race huge cruise ships down the canal at 1st Street then head north by Ocean Drive, the heart of the fabulous Art Deco District. Once you hit 14th Street it turns into a paved promenade past the modern luxury hotels like the W and Delano, then onto the wooden boardwalk to 41st Street. From sunrise to sunset the colors of the sky, sea, sand and lifeguard towers all change and inspire.

running miami

Miami’s iconic art deco buildings (Photo: Shutterstock)

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MUNICH, GERMANY: Englischer Garten Run 
The capital of Bavaria and Oktoberfest also boasts the beautiful Englischer Garten (“English Garden”), offering great running paths along the Isar River right through the center of Munich. Start at the north section on the park near Schwabing, then run down south past its little creeks and forest areas. Watch the “river surfing” at the bottom of the park and continue following the Isar River past the Deutches Museum, churches and countless beautiful bridges. There is one suspension bridge where you’ll feel like you are running literally on top of the river!

surfers running munich

The river surfers in Munich (Photo: Beer Skittles/Flickr)

SINGAPORE: Night Run in Marina Bay Gardens
Singapore is possibly the safest place in the world, so why not try a magical run at night under the solar-powered “super trees” of the Gardens by the Bay, a 26 hectare modern nature conservatory. Paths are well-lit and the scenery makes you feel like you’re in Avatar.

super trees running singapore

The “super trees” at Marina Bay Gardens (Photo: William Cho/Flickr)

SINGAPORE: Botanic Gardens Run
For those who are day birds, Singapore offers another magnificent run through its lush Botanic Gardens. Choose your own running adventure through its 75 hectares of huge trees, lizards and birds, a world-class orchid display, and fascinating ginger plants. Just be sure to stop and smell the flowers, too.

a black swan in singapore

A black swan in the Singapore Botanic Garden (photo: Melvin/Flickr)

teresa moore in singapore bontanic

Teresa Moore poses in the Singapore Botanic Garden. (Photo: Courtesy Teresa Moore)

NEW YORK CITY: Park to Port Run
Central Park to The Battery on Manhattan’s southernmost tip is a fantastic 6-mile run that encompasses the many vibes of the Big Apple. Start your run on the easy paths around Central Park, passing the Lake, Boathouse, and Belvedere Castle then head into the downtown thick of it via Fifth Avenue. You’ll see The Plaza Hotel, Rockefeller Center, New York Public Library, and Empire State Building, eventually passing under the iconic arch of Washington Square Park. Afterwards, continue south to bustling SoHo — it may be slow-going here; try to stay off Broadway — then continue on to quiet and cool TriBeCa and finally finish in Battery Park to see the Statue of Liberty gracing the harbor.

teresa moore central park

Model Teresa Moore in NYC’s Central Park. (Photo: Courtesy Teresa Moore)

White Beach is famed for its powder-like sand, turquoise water, and bustling activity — plus it’s 2.5 miles long and plenty wide. Run past sunbathers and children playing on the sparkling white sand, and let your eyes watch a variety of watersports and Paraw (traditional sailboats) skimming the horizon. Wading is also popular, as the gentle slope of the sand produces shallows a long way out from the shore. (Think of the resistance benefits!) Continue your run farther north to cool Diniwid Beach, accessed through a charming path made in the natural rock. 

running philippines

Paraws lining White Beach in Borocay  (Photo: Shutterstock)

CAPE TOWN: Camps Bay Run
Camps Bay in Cape Town, South Africa is renowned for its white sands that are fringed by palm trees and trendy nightlife, making for a great daytime jog along the shore. See hawkers selling their wares to cool sunbathers and have a magnificent view of Lion’s Head and the 12 Apostles mountain formations. Go into the icy ocean for a dip afterwards to cool off. If you are really keen, you can run the rocks at Clifton, which is the next bay north — it’s a real stair-master.

running south africa lions head

The beach view of Lion’s Head  (Photo: Shelby Steward/Flickr)

PIHA, NEW ZEALAND: Waitakere Bush Run
New Zealand is famous for lush green forests filled with ferns, native palms, and small creeks. Take this adventurous bush run in the Waitakere Regional Parkland near Piha just 45 minutes west of Auckland. Hear the peaceful songbirds and gurgling water as you explore the misty forest.

running new zealand bush run

Bush run trail in New Zealand (Photo: Duncanmc42/Flickr)

teresa moore in new zealand

Teresa Moore poses in Waitakere park during a run. (Photo: Courtesy Teresa Moore)

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ROME: Villa Borghese Run
The Borghese Family donated Rome’s largest public park in 1903. It offers a pleasant refuge from the often-hectic streets in the city. The park features a lake, temples, fountains, statues, and several museums including its namesake Villa. While running around its 148 acres it’s easy to feel the historical elegance and beauty of Europe and be transported to a different time. Say a prayer for a loved one by the island in the lake where a small Ionic temple was built dedicated to Aesculapius, the god of healing.

villa borghese rome italy

The Aesculapius at Villa Borghese in Rome (Photo: CraggyIsland21/Flickr)

Saint John, the smallest and most idyllic of the three United States Virgin Islands, is best known for its dozens of postcard-perfect white sand beaches and turquoise bays. This 2- to 4-mile run/hike hits the quiet beaches at Hawksnest Bay, Caneel Bay and Salomon Bay. You might meet some friendly deer or donkeys on your path as well. 

teresa moore in st. john beach with deer

A deer says hello to Teresa Moore on one of St. John’s picturesque bays. (Photo: Courtesy Teresa Moore)

Teresa Moore is a top fashion model, inveterate traveler, blogger and bon vivant. Check out her blog at You can also follow her on her Official Website, TwitterInstagram, and Facebook.


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