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Stunning places to see sunsets around the world

Stunning places to see sunsets around the world

Lantau Island, Hong Kong (Photo: Thinkstock/Hemera)

The sun sets everywhere, but not all sunsets are created equal. Want to see a nature-made kaleidoscopic spectacle like no other? From a sleepy Scottish loch to the blazing Sahara, we've gathered some of our favorite spots to catch a stunning sunset.

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Lantau Island, Hong Kong

The Tian Tan Buddha statue draws many tourists to Lantau, Hong Kong's largest island. Catch a peek of the giant statue, which is said to represent the harmonious relationship between mankind and nature, as the last rays of sun fall over the isle.

Hillerod, Denmark (Photo: Ireneusz Cyranek/Visit Denmark)

Hillerod, Denmark

With its lofty Renaissance spires, Frederiksborg Castle provides conditions for almost any kind of sightseeing. Wander the museum during the day, then stay late to see the sun's descent over the gardens and Castle Lake; the views are almost as baroque as the landscaping.

Florida Keys (Photo: Bob Krist/Florida Keys News Bureau)

Islamorada, Florida Keys

Known as the "Sport-Fishing Capital of the World," the Keys are any angler's dream. Of course, if stalking sailfish and wrangling wahoos doesn't sound appealing, lounging on a boat and staring at a Florida-orange sunset is pleasing to just about anybody.

Sydney, Australia (Photo: BridgeClimb Sydney)

Sydney, Australia

Any climber will tell you that strenuous exercise makes the view that much sweeter. Work up a sweat on the Sydney Harbour Bridge with a hike courtesy of BridgeClimb, then stop to take in an astounding sunset Down Under from more than 400 feet above the Tasman Sea.

Augrabies Falls National Park, South Africa (Photo: South African Tourism)

Augrabies Falls National Park, South Africa

The name "Augrabies" derives from a word meaning "place of big noises," but big views of arid land and open sky also abound in this national park. The crashing Augrabies Falls and the distinctive silhouettes of kokerboom trees rest easily against a twilit South African sky.

Glacier National Park, Montana (Photo: Robert Webster/Montana Office of Tourism)

Glacier National Park, Montana

There is no better place to get the "Big Sky Country" experience than in Glacier National Park. The wide wilderness area overflows with native flora and fauna, though some of its best features are its hiking trails. Take a late-afternoon summer stroll when the sky glows orange and photos practically take themselves.

Loch Linnhe (Photo:

Loch Linnhe, Scotland

Scotland's certainly not hurting for picturesque locales, but Loch Linnhe on the country's western coast may be one of the most serendipitous. Magic happens during the summer months, when the loch merges seamlessly with the setting sun and creates an image of hot-red horizon meeting cool Highland water.

Edmonton, Canada (Photo: Nunavut Tourism/Canadian Tourism Commission)

Edmonton, Canada

Edmonton is called "The Festival City" for good reason: It hosts major exhibitions year-round, including outdoor concerts and July's 10-day, noon-to-midnight Capital Ex celebration. You're guaranteed to have a spectacular sunset backdrop while you revel in this Canadian city's numerous fresh-air activities.

Mt. Fuji, Japan (Photo: JNTO)

Mt. Fuji, Japan

This may be the Land of the Rising Sun, but Japan's evening variations aren't half bad. Though Mt. Fuji hasn't had an outburst since 1707, the sky still erupts with fiery colors when the sun sets over the volcano's nearly symmetrical snow-capped peak.

Sahara, North Africa (Photo: Andrey Ushakov/Shutterstock)

Sahara, North Africa

Observe the hottest place in our solar system from the hottest desert on Earth. The Sahara covers most of North Africa, so pick a country, plop down on a sand dune—which can be hundreds of feet high—and get a glimpse of a Technicolor desert lightshow.

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