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Olivier Award-winner Anjana Vasan: ‘Shakespeare, Ibsen – I see myself in their work’

  • ‘People can be quite selective about ‘authenticity’ in drama,” shrugs Anjana Vasan. “Nobody seems to mind if a prince of Denmark or a duke of Verona speaks like he went to Eton.” But she notes that more questions get asked when somebody with a different skin tone takes on roles in plays by Shakespeare and Ibsen. “People speak about the Western canon being so great that it can speak to anyone. Then they think it’s surprising that somebody like me can see themselves in that world.”


‘Wicked Little Letters’ cause a huge uproar

Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley, and Anjana Vasan star in the comic drama based on a bizarre true story about a English town scandalized by profanity-filled mail. David Daniel has a look.
  • 01:58