The wildest MTB tech "news" to hit Instagram this April Fool's Day

 A Scott bike with a clear frame.
A Scott bike with a clear frame.

April 1st always sees a load of hoax mountain bike news being launched into the internet, but a few brands really pulled out all the stops this year. Here are the top April Fools posts we saw on Instagram...

1. Dangerholm's Scott Voltage 900 X-Ray

Scott is one of the brands to have embraced integrated rear shocks, but if you have such a bike, no one will be able to gaze upon the fabulousness of your shock, until now that is...

2. Hope's Smarthub app

If you're running Hope's latest Pro 5 hubs but miss the lairier sound of the older models, this new app will let you get the retro sound you want.

3. Trek denim finishing

OK, ignore the fact that Trek has used a road bike as an example, as a denim finish is of course perfect for gravity riding. Paired with cut-off jeans, a vest, and a full-face helmet, surely denim bikes will be the look of the summer.

4. Pro Bike Supply's SRAM Booty Link

Last but not least, do you want hands-free dropper control? Then look no further than the SRAM Booty Link...