This Is How You Delete Text Messages from Your iPhone

Alyssa Bereznak
National Correspondent, Technology

Text message conversations have a way of overstaying their welcome on your phone. They sit there like souring milk, constant reminders of a bad breakup or a lost temper. That’s probably why iOS has a feature that allows you to delete them.

Here’s how you do it:

1. Open your Messages app.

2. Tap the text message conversation from which you would like to delete texts. I have decided to delete this text from my grandma, because she’s just playing a practical joke on me.

3. Tap twice on the bubble of the conversation that you’d like to delete. A black bubble will show up that says Copy | More…. Click More. (Side note: If the text you’re trying to delete contains a phone number, a link or a calendar date in it, make sure you don’t tap directly on that link).

4. Some circles should pop up on the left side of the screen. Each circle corresponds to specific text. The blurb you tapped should have a blue checkmark next to it. The rest of the text’s circles should be empty. To delete numerous texts at a time, tap on the empty circles.

(empty circle)

5. Tap the garbage can in the lower-left corner of the screen.

6. A box will pop up from the bottom of the screen that says Delete Message. Think for a second: Do you really want this information to disappear into thin air? Forever? If the answer is yes, then tap Delete Message.

7. Phew, much better.

And that’s it! Never leave a rotten text — from your prankster grandma, your jerk of an ex-boyfriend or your horrible boss asking you to work late on Sunday — in your inbox again.

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