PS5 Pro Games Should Be 4K/60 FPS But Sony’s Willing to Be Flexible – Report

PS5 Pro Enhanced games
PS5 Pro Enhanced games

A new report claims that Sony expects PS5 Pro compatible games to hit 4K and 60 FPS, but is willing to be flexible when it comes to awarding the “PS5 Pro Enhanced” label. The report largely corroborates a previous leak explaining the enhancements, but adds that developers have been given some freedom to pick what aspects of their games they want to improve to earn the label.

PS5 Pro Enhanced games label will be displayed on discs and PS Store pages

The Verge confirmed Insider Gaming’s report from earlier this month, adding that developers will need to use Sony’s new SDK to take advantage of PS5 Pro exclusive features. However, developers who choose not to update can still improve their games by utilizing PS5 Pro’s “ultra-boost” mode. The Verge states that this mode will boost frame rates in VRR mode as well as enable games with variable resolutions to render at higher resolutions.

That said, not all games will be able to improve performance using the ultra-boost mode. The report claims that Sony has warned developers that games with fixed resolutions or fixed graphical settings will not see any improvements. However, those who want to continue using the same SDKs can still use PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution to upscale resolution to 4K and utilize additional memory.

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