iPhone 16 colors may have the widest selection of any iPhone so far — including two new options

 IPhone 16 camera pill design .
IPhone 16 camera pill design .

You may have more colors than ever to choose from on the iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus when they go on sale later this year, a new claim from leaker Fixed Focus Digital on Weibo (via MacRumors) states.

The iPhone 16 Plus will get two fresh options — white and purple — alongside the existing black, blue, green, pink and yellow that you already get on the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. However, the returning colors may be different shades from what the iPhone 15 uses, going by Apple’s previous color changes between iPhone generations.

Fixed Focus Digital's Weibo post speaks specifically about the iPhone 16 Plus model. But since Apple's unified the colors for the iPhone and iPhone Plus models since the Plus was introduced, we'd imagine it applies to the standard iPhone 16 too.

We've not had a spring color refresh for the iPhone 15 series like we saw with previous iPhones, such as the iPhone 14's special yellow edition. But even if Apple did suddenly release a new hue, the iPhone 16 series would still offer the largest selection of colors ever seen on a single model if all these rumored color options are made available.

New colors for all

We've seen in separate leaks what colors the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max models could come in. The new options this time around could be cement gray and desert yellow, or possibly Gray and Rose depending on which source you choose to believe, which would join the returning Space Black color from the iPhone 14 Pro.

Either way, it still looks like it’ll be a choice of four colors for the new Pro models again, rather than the seven the base models could be getting. It would be nice if Apple offered more choices for the iPhone 16 Pros, but limited colors for Pro models seem to be a staple feature across Apple’s products when you see how small the pool of choices is for the iPad Pro or MacBook Pro.

It's likely going to be another five months before the iPhone class of 2024 debuts. While we wait, you can brush up on the possible features in our iPhone 16 hub, and in our more specific iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max guides too.

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