Hurry! This 65-inch QLED TV just had its price slashed under $500

The Vizio V-Series 4K TV in the living room.

If you want to get a QLED TV for your living room or bedroom, you don’t have to spend $1,000 if you take advantage of today’s TV deals. In fact, you don’t even have to shell out $500 with Walmart’s offer for the 65-inch Vizio MQ6 Series 4K QLED TV. From an already affordable original price of $498, it’s down further to $398 for savings of $100. This bargain will surely draw a lot of attention from shoppers, so you’re going to have to finalize your purchase before either stocks run out or the discount expires.

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Why you should buy the 65-inch Vizio MQ6 Series 4K QLED TV

The Vizio MQ6 Series 4K QLED TV features QLED technology on its 65-inch screen, which solves the problem of inaccurate colors for traditional LED TVs through the use of quantum dots. In our QLED versus OLED comparison, the advantages of QLED TVs like the Vizio MQ6 Series 4K QLED TV include much more intense brightness, longer life spans, absolutely no risk of screen burn-ins, and lower costs in terms of price per inch of screen size.

In addition to the quality of the Vizio MQ6 Series 4K QLED TV’s display, it offers support for Wi-Fi 6 for better internet connectivity. This allows the QLED TV to better function as a smart TV, as it runs on Vizio’s SmartCast platform. You’ll be able to watch streaming shows without interruption, and you’ll have contact access to free channels through Vizio’s WatchFree+ service. The Vizio MQ6 Series 4K QLED TV also supports AMD’s FreeSync Premium, for gamers to enjoy smooth gameplay with their console or PC.

You don’t need to use up all your savings when buying from QLED TV deals because there are fantastic offers like Walmart’s $100 discount for the 65-inch Vizio MQ6 Series 4K QLED TV. It’s already relatively cheap compared to other QLED TVs of its size at its sticker price of $498, so you’re going to get amazing value at its lowered price of $398. You’ll have to hurry with your purchase though, because if you delay and try to check again later, you may already be too late to enjoy savings for the 65-inch Vizio MQ6 Series 4K QLED TV.

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