Google I/O 2024: the dates, timings and everything we're expecting to see

 A laptop on a red and blue background showing the Google I/O 2024 homepage.
A laptop on a red and blue background showing the Google I/O 2024 homepage.

Google I/O 2024 is kicking off very soon – so if you want a glimpse of all the new treats that are coming to Google's many software platforms (plus the odd bit of future-gazing vaporware) it'll be well worth tuning in.

The big day is set for Tuesday, May 14 at 10am PST (1pm ET / 6pm BST) and will continue into the following day. The keynote will be hosted by CEO Sundar Pichai at the Shoreline Amphitheater up in Mountain View, California. It’ll be broadcast in front of a live studio audience, and of course everyone will be able to watch the event as it unfolds via livestream.

No one knows exactly what will be revealed at Google I/O 2024 and the rumor mill has been uncharacteristically quiet. The likelihood is that AI, and in particular Google Gemini, will be the star of the show – particularly as OpenAI is hosting an event the day before on May 13.

But we can also expect to hear lots of Android 15, plus demos on new features coming to the likes of Google Maps, Google Lens, Google Photos and more. Here's how to tune into Google I/O 2024 and everything we're expecting to see...

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? Google's big annual software show

  • When is it? May 14

Google I/O 2024: when are the dates?

On March 15, Google announced that Goole I/O 2024 would take place on Tuesday, May 14 at 10am PST (1pm ET / 6pm BST) and continue into the following day.

To hear all of the big software announcements, from Google Gemini to Android 15, you can tune into the keynote on YouTube – we've embedded the placeholder video below.

The rest of the show will be live addresses and demos for Google's developers, for everything from ChromeOS to in-car experiences, but if you're not a registered attendee you'll also be able to watch these videos after the event.

Online registration for the event is open and free for everyone. It lets you stay up-to-date on the schedule and what content will show up. Be aware that registering will require you to make a developer profile for Google, though.

What to expect at Google I/O 2024

Big Gemini updates

The most obvious pick here is artificial intelligence. Even though we’re only five months in, 2024 has been a big year for Google AI.

We saw the launch of the Gemini models, the brand’s very own LLM, as well as the rebranding of several other AIs under the Gemini moniker. Expect to see multiple demonstrations of what the tech will be able do in the near future. We could also find out more information on the mysterious Gemma, which is slated to be the open-source version of big brother Gemini.

It’s possible Pichar, or one of the hosts, will talk about improving their AI’s performance. If you’re not aware, Gemini has had some issues lately regarding, shall we say, inaccurate depictions of ethnic groups. Plus, hallucinations remain a problem.

Google Gemini AI
Google Gemini AI

A full debut for Android 15

Android 15
Android 15

We've already seen the arrival of the Google Pixel 8a, which landed last week on the same day as the new Apple iPad Pro (2024) and iPad Air 6 – nice timing, Google.

That means the main smartphone news will likely be a full bow for Android 15. Mid-February saw the launch of the Android 15 developer preview, giving the world its first opportunity to get its hands on the upcoming OS.

We now know a lot more about Android 15, from its design features like a revamped status bar to the potential for a super-charged dark mode that forces all apps to support it.

But there's a lot more to learn about the new operating system, so if you want a taster of what's coming to your phone it'll be worth tuning in – the final version of Android 15 likely won't land until somewhere between August and October.

What else could launch?

We're almost certain to see new AI developments and Android 15 at Google I/O 2024, but elsewhere we're very much in speculation territory.

For instance, we could see the reveal of new hardware like the Pixel Watch 3, but don’t hold your breath. As our sister site Tom's Guide points out, the Pixel Watch 2 wasn’t announced at I/O 2023; it was instead unveiled during the Made By Google event in October.

The same goes for the Pixel Tablet 2. The company is probably holding onto that for another day. If anything, I/O 2024 will feature smaller changes to other Google products. New Workspace tools, new Android 15 features, things of that nature. Nothing too crazy. It’s going to be Gemini’s day in the sun.

There's still two month away. In the meantime, check out TechRadar's list of the best Pixel phones for 2024.

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