Cybertruck Driver Goes Berserk With Road Rage After Mild Teasing

Road Rage

A thin-skinned Cybertruck driver has had enough of being teased for his questionable life choices.

A video making the rounds on social media shows the driver cussing out a group of cyclists, who purportedly poked fun at him over a recent recall affecting all Cybertrucks.

The driver took the time to pull over to harass the cyclists in return — with strikingly violent language.

"I don't want nothing more than rip off your heads and spit down your throats," the driver said in the video. "You cyclists screw up all the streets, you are unbearable."

"Is this the best thing you have to do today?" a cyclist responded, opting to de-escalate the situation by apologizing for the harmless gaff.

The driver, however, didn't take kindly to being offered an apology, and doubled down instead.

"I'm sorry Elon Musk said some things that hurt your feelings," the owner said, likely referring to the mercurial CEO's racist antics.

Cyber Bullying

In many ways, the video perfectly plays into the current optics surrounding the ownership of a vehicle that's become even more intimately associated with Musk and his beliefs than conventional Teslas. The divisive Cybertruck has quickly turned into a rallying cry of undying support for the billionaire.

There are a number of derogatory nicknames being passed around online for the truck, including "wankpanzer" and "incEl Camino."

Meanwhile, Musk is tanking the company's reputation — and likely desirability — by repeatedly going on unhinged rants on his social media platform X.

Recent data has shown that his bizarre outbursts are actively turning off the EV maker's core buyers. And that doesn't bode well, considering the company's dire financial situation.

The Cybertruck's real-world performance hasn't exactly helped the situation. The first-of-its-kind vehicle seems to be breaking down at an alarming rate, with major software issues, less-than-stellar range, misaligned panels, janky construction, and a stainless steel exoskeleton that can't be cleaned in the Sun.

In short, investing up to $100,000 in the vehicle requires owners to look past a lot of problematic behavior and questionable design decisions.

So it shouldn't come as a surprise that a Cybertruck owner took the time to pull over the side of the road to threaten some cyclists with violence.

"Cyber bullying is a hot issue right now," one redditor joked.

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