26 Stunning iPhone Photos Taken by a Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographer

The iPhone has become something of a darling among professional photographers — inspiring competitive photography contests, photos of candid moments from within the White House, and praise from even the globetrotting photographers of National Geographic.

And when it comes to accomplished photographers, David Hume Kennerly ranks pretty high. The photojournalist has captured the Vietnam War, the “Fight of the Century” between Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier, and Gerald Ford’s presidency. He had already won a Pulitzer Prize for his work before he turned 30.

Given those credentials, you might be surprised to hear that Kennerly’s latest work is a book dedicated to the art of the iPhone photo. David Hume Kennerly On the iPhone: Secrets and Tips from a Pulitzer Prize-winning Photographer, is a collection of photos taken from Kennerly’s personal smartphone, alongside helpful instruction meant to make you a better photographer.

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“My fellow professionals say, ‘That would’ve been so much better if you were using your Canon cameras,’ ” Kennerly told Yahoo Tech. “I say, well, no, I wouldn’t have had my Canon with me, so that picture never would’ve existed if it hadn’t been for my camera phone. That’s the difference right there. And whether it’s the iPhone or you’re Henri Cartier-Bresson carrying around a Leica with a 35-millimeter lens, the basic rules apply.”

Above, a selection of photos from his book, which is available for purchase on Amazon.

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