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These Are the Best iPhone Photos of the Year

Jason O. Gilbert

That picture of your dog that you snapped with your iPhone is pretty cute. But it probably doesn’t compare to these photos, all of which won prizes in the 2014 iPhone Photography Awards

The prizes recognize the “best shots among thousands of images submitted by iPhone photographers,” and photographs are judged based on “artistic merit, originality, subject, and style.” This is the seventh year for the prizes: The first iPhone came out in 2007, and the first iPhone Photography Awards were doled out in 2008.

The competition is not affiliated with Apple. Some winners do receive an iPad mini, however. 

As the quality of the iPhone’s camera has improved, so too have the photos. The judges award prizes in 17 categories; we’ve included the first-place winners in each category below, as well as the three photos of the year. You can view runners-up and honorable mentions on the iPhone Photography Award website

Best Animal Photograph

These Are the Best iPhone Photos of the Year

Photographer: Michael O’Neal. More at IPP Awards.

Best Photograph of Architecture


Photographer: Yilang Peng. More at IPP Awards.

Best Photo of Children


Photographer: Danny Van Vuuren. More at IPP Awards.

Best Flower Photograph


Photographer: Jenny Anderson. More at IPP Awards.

Best Food Photography


Photographer: Alexa Seidl. More at IPP Awards.

Best Landscape Photography


Photographer: Elena Grimailo. More at IPP Awards.

Best Lifestyle Photography


Photographer: Brandon Kidwell. More at IPP Awards.

Best Nature Photography


Photographer: Felicia Pandola. More at IPP Awards.

Best News Photography


Photographer: Gerard Collett. More at IPP Awards.

Best ‘Other’ Photography


Photographer: Terry Vital. More at IPP Awards.

Best Panorama


Photographer: Kyle G. Horst. More at IPP Awards.

Best Shot of Multiple People


Photographer: Lauren Smith. More at IPP Awards.

Best Seasons Photography


Photographer: Coco Liu. More at IPP Awards.

Best Still Life


Photographer: Sofija Strindlund. More at IPP Awards.

Best Sunset


Photographer: Little Su. More at IPP Awards.

Best Travel Photograph


Photographer: Adrienne Pitts. More at IPP Awards.

Best Photograph of Trees


Photographer: Aaron Pike. More at IPP Awards.

And now … the three best iPhone photographs of the year, per the IPP Awards

In 3rd place:


Photographer: Jill Misner. More at IPP Awards.

In 2nd Place:


Photographer: Jose Luis Barcia Fernandez. More at IPP Awards.

And the best iPhone photograph of the year …


Photographer: Julio Lucas. More at IPP Awards.

Photos must be taken with an iOS device, and photography attachments are allowed; editing on iOS apps is acceptable, but not on professional software like Photoshop. If you think you can beat the competition, bookmark this page, and head back early next year for your chance at an iPad mini and eternal iPhonography fame.