Zosia Mamet Wore a Chic Black Dress at Her Rustic Wedding

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Photo: Tommy Agriodimas

‘Girls’ star Zosia Mamet is a self-proclaimed fashion rule-breaker, and at her October wedding she really lived up to that label. In a feature for Vogue, Mamet reveals that she went on a shopping excursion with her friends and tried on about 40 dresses before choosing a black Givenchy dress off the rack. “The minute [the dress] went over my head, both my friends gasped,” she tells the publication. “It definitely wasn’t the most epic in terms of the dress’s power on its own, but it fit me like a glove in every way, and I knew, without a doubt, that it was my dress.”

True to form, Mamet says she knew she didn’t want to wear anything traditional to her wedding — which took place at Cedar Lakes Estate in New York’s Hudson River Valley — and she was confident she didn’t want to wear white, according to Vogue. “Beyond that, I wasn’t sure,” she said of what she would wear on her big day. “I’ve never really dreamt of my wedding day; I’ve only dreamt of finding a person who I’d want to have a wedding day with. So I was starting from scratch.”

The gown she chose, according to pictures published by Vogue, was quite simple and elegant, a long-sleeved number with an extra-deep V-neck that she adorned with layered necklaces. According to the article, she also donned diamond earrings that she borrowed from a friend. Her spartan style was anything but bridal — and that’s what made it so exquisite.


Mamet talked about her unconventional, unapologetic style in a Glamour story published a year ago. Calling herself a “fashion weirdo,” she recounts being bullied in school for her outfits and learning to experiment with how she dressed herself by wearing what she wanted and refusing to care what anyone thought about it. “After high school I stayed in L.A. to pursue acting. I killed time by frequenting the thrift stores around West L.A.,” she wrote. “I spent hours at Goodwill and the Salvation Army. Zany $1 things called to me, and I answered. The weird patterned 1970s high-waisted pants. The oversize old-man sweater I turned into a dress.”

Of that DIY sweater dress, she wrote, “Even though it was oversize and smelled of mothballs, I felt sexy in it. I danced that night in that sweater like I didn’t give a s*** about what anyone thought, because I didn’t. I was happy.” It was also the night she met the first love of her life, she wrote, so clearly, unusual dresses are a common theme. And she thinks it’s important to march to the beat of your own style drum.

“I’ve learned that the only ‘rules’ in fashion are ones that we prescribe ourselves. It kills me to hear people say, ‘Oh my God, I adore that! But I could never pull it off.’ I always want to ask them these questions: ‘Why?’ Because it isn’t what you would normally wear? So what? ‘Who says?’ Some magazine? That judge-y voice in your head? Some guy?,” she wrote.

In fact, Mamet went the nontraditional route at her nuptials right down to her shoes, which were flats by Brother Vellies, according to Vogue. “They make simple, but beautiful shoes,” she told the publication. She even went nonfussy when it came to her hair. She broke every fashion rule to stay true to herself. “If they’d given me a Mohawk, I would have been fine with it,” she said of her hairdressers — and her approach to her bridal look. “I was marrying the love of my life. I felt like I was floating — everything else was just icing.”

See the wedding photos here.

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