Yes! Custom Rolling Pins

Rachel Tepper Paley

All photos: Valek Rolling Pins

Brace yourself for a world of cute. Poland-based Etsy shop Valek Rolling Pins sells personalized rolling pins featuring leaping foxes, dinosaurs, dogs, cats, and yes, even the above teeny burgers and fries.

Be still our baking hearts.

There are also geometric patterns for those who prefer something more abstract, and a customized roller embossed with whatever text you desire. Such as, for instance, “Yahoo Food is amazing.” Just a thought.

Although, sure, one might have to be a tad more careful rolling out difficult biscuit dough when using an adorable fox motif than one would when using Grandma’s old stalwart, but it’s totally worth it. The rollers are all priced between $35 and $50, which is a steal considering your local Williams-Sonoma likely doesn’t carry anything like them.

Drool over more dreamy rollers below.

[via That’s Nerdalicious]