World Cup Party: Viva Netherlands!

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor

We’re watching the World Cup with an eye to food (of course). Here’s a kicking dish from a nation whose game is on today.

Photo credit: © StockFood / Creative Photo Services. Illustration: Jen Fox

Bitterballen are:

1. Deep-fried

2. Breadcrumb-covered

3. Bite-sized

4. Filled with creamy meat sauce

Soooo yeah. Maybe you’re into the sweet stroopwafel for today’s Netherlands v. Argentina World Cup match, but we’re noshing on CRISPY ORBS OF MEAT AND BUTTER. And, as is traditional in Dutch cafés, we’re dipping them in yellow mustard—and cooling down any that are too piping hot with a swig of beer.

If you don’t make bitterballen today, do try them some time in the near future. (Here’s a recipe.) They’re a great way to used up leftover meat from last night’s dinner.

Because there won’t be any of these left over.