World Cup Party: Viva France!

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor
June 20, 2014

We’re watching the World Cup with an eye to food (of course). Here’s a kicking dish from a nation whose game is on today. 

Gougères pile-on! Photo credit: Flickr/Justin Kern

France plays Switzerland in one of today’s World Cup matches, at 3:00pm EST. And oh, will we have a field day with this one…

They’re the French! They know how to do food! In all sorts of salty and buttery ways! And while Olivier Giroud doesn’t look like he eats many gougères, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. They are bite-sized orbs of cheese and savory dough. They go oh-so-well with crisp white wine, or game-friendly pilsner. Think of them like chips. Warm, puffy bread chips.

You could also serve escargots, chicken liver pâté, rillettes, or, if all else fails, make (or buy!) some fries and call them pommes frites. But we still recommend gougères. Here’s a recipe.

Allez y! 

Split them and fill them with more yummy things if you want. Photo credit: Flickr/Anne Petersen