We Want to Set Up Shop in This...Shop

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor

YES. It’s what we say to things that are awesome. Yes.

A peek at the interior of Home of the Brave

Max and Bethany Vogel, the husband-and-wife team behind Greenpoint concept boutique Wolves Within, opened Home of the Brave just last week. Home is the operative word here, not only because the store sells home goods, but also because the Vogels’ home is right down the street, which is also down the street from Wolves Within (which—fun fact—is housed in a former candy store called Mitzy’s).

And just like their local farmers’ market, this store is seasonal: the collections Home of the Brave offers change along with each new season. This first, spring/summer batch of tabletop items, a selection of which are sold online, were all handmade in Brooklyn.

To this, we say—like the name of this column—yes.

Cactus tea towel, $22

"Arrow" spoons, in-store only