Warren Buffett Orders Dairy Queen at The Four Seasons Because That’s How Billionaires Roll

Alex Van Buren
Food Features Editor
April 25, 2014

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What’s the wildest thing you’d do as a billionaire? Buy a pony? Buy an island? 

If you’re Warren Buffett, and your net worth is a cool $65.2 billion, you go to The Four Seasons in New York City and demand Cherry Coke and Dairy Queen.

Buffett eschewed the $150 Wagyu steak with maitake mushrooms in favor of a hamburgerPage Six reports, and “a Cherry Coke to wash it down. Handily, Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has a large stake in Coca-Cola.” This stumped jovial Four Seasons co-owner Julian Niccolini, who told the Post, “We don’t carry that kind of stuff, so I sent out people to CVS to buy it.” 

Like you do. 

Photo credit: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Buffett’s next move, though, makes one think that when one is a billionaire, one can truly ask for the moon: He ordered Dairy Queen (another chain he’s invested in) for dessert. In many parts of the country, this might have been an easy enough wish to grant. But the isle of Manhattan contains zero Dairy Queens.

Moon, denied. “Buffett settled for chocolate chip cookies,” reports Page Six. Apparently he’s a notoriously un-fancy diner, once telling CNBC that “if somebody told me that I live a year longer by eating nothing but broccoli and asparagus from now on, I would just say…I’ll stick with the Cheetos and the Coke.” (Cheetos are really, really good, so we get it.)

When New York’s first DQ opens in Union Square this May, you know who you can expect to see there, Blizzard in hand. 

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