Vidalia Onions: The Best Thing to Buy, The Best Ways to Eat It—Now!

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor
April 8, 2014

We keep our eyes peeled for the freshest, most in-season vegetables and the best deals on store shelves. And we do it for you, in the name of making everyday eating unicorn-sighting-exciting. (At least, we try.) Here’s what to buy, and the very best ways to eat it—now!

Photo credit: David Birkbeck / Getty Images

The sweet little Vidalia onion is causing quite a stir in Georgia, where some growers tried to ship the product earlier than the legal April 21 start date. “[T]here is trouble in the onion fields,” reported the New York Times, thus creating our favorite sentence that was ever written anywhere.

But we digress. Vidalias are a sure sign of spring—they’re available from late April through mid September—and because they’re sweet, delicate, and low on tear-causing pyruvic acid, they don’t need to be cooked to death. They shine when they’re coaxed with a light touch; a quick pickle, say, or a few-minute char on the grill.

Here are some other ways to cook Georgia’s official state vegetable. (Fun fact!)

Sweet-Onion Relish

Vidalia and red onions balance each other in this slaw-meets-condiment.

Onion Rings

Because Vidalias are so naturally sweet, you barely have to do anything to them before frying—just a quick soak in ice water.

Grilled Onion Salad

Make extra grilled onions to eat, just…any time. Just eat them. Like chips.

Chicago-Style Hot Dogs

New Yorkers would balk at dressing hot dogs this way, but damn it’s good.

Refrigerator Pickles

A mix of Vidalia onions, cucumbers, and celery goes into these pickles, which last for up to two weeks (but you’ll eat them before then).

Mustard Greens and Sweet-Onion Saute

Here, the onions actually help soften the sharp flavor of the greens.

Sweet Onion Dip

Caramelizing the onions makes them even sweeter. It’s a rich kind of sweetness.

Cucumber and Sweet-Onion Salad

Photo credit: All, Everyday Food

This cool, crisp salad screams summer. 

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