Turntable Kitchen's Cookbook in a Box

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor

YES. It’s what we say to things that are awesome. Yes.

Photos courtesy Turntable Kitchen

Turntable Kitchen is a brilliant food and music site run by Kasey and Matt Hickey (and, frankly, the inspiration for our own Brunch Beats column). In their monthly Pairings Boxes, the Hickeys mail subscribers themed sets of recipes, dry ingredients, and music (in both digital mix tape and vinyl formats), and now the duo has made a cookbook. In a box! Otherwise known as a recipe box, but way cooler.

"People have been collecting [the recipes in the Pairings Boxes], but didn’t have a box to put them in," says Kasey. "I’d been looking for a vendor to create a custom one for years. A lot are either really cheaply made or too expensive to produce, but we finally happened upon a vendor and were pleased with his handiwork."

For $75 you get 80 original recipes and a cherrywood recipe box (handmade in West Virginia!) with room for about 80 more cards. The recipes have been developed over time by Kasey (in her two-bedroom apartment, no less) and include contributions from award-winning food bloggers such as Yahoo Food-favorite Ashley Rodriguez of Not Without Salt

Unfortunately, there’s no music component to this box. Matthew has featured everything from the country-cool Cathedrals to R&B band Basecamp in the Pairings Boxes, though. “We have eclectic taste, and aren’t really driven by trends or what gets us the most clicks,” says Kasey. You can listen to mix tapes on the website, too.