Nectarines: The Best Things to Buy, Best Way to Eat Them—NOW!

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor

We keep our eyes peeled for the freshest, most in-season vegetables and the best deals on store shelves. And we do it for you, in the name of making everyday eating unicorn-sighting-exciting. (At least, we try.) Here’s what to buy, and the very best ways to eat it—now!

Nectarines are CRUSHING IT right now.

They’re so good that last weekend in Maryland, we loaded up a brown paper bag and ate them all on the train back to New York City.

They’re so good that we can smell their heady, saccharine perfume from the next room.

They’re so good that we gifted the landlord with one to sweetly smooth over a recent kerfuffle.

Forget him. Horde July’s nectarines for yourself. Eat them fresh, as they’re best, or throw some heat at them. Here’s how it’s done. 

Roasted Fruit

Nectarine and Hazelnut Galette

Poached Nectarines

Stone Fruit Sangria