How to Best Brew Your Tea

Yahoo FoodMarch 12, 2014

Sebastian Beckwith, cofounder of In Pursuit of Tea, explains how best to brew your leaves.

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4 grams tea leaves


Heat & Steep

All times are for 12 ounces of water with four grams of leaves

3 minutes
205 degrees (just off a boil)

2 minutes
180 degrees (when you see steam)

3 to 4 minutes
205 degrees (just off a boil)

2 minutes
180 degrees (when you see steam)

3 minutes
205 degrees (just off a boil)

2 minutes
190 degrees to 205 degrees (just off a boil)

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1. Fill an electric or stove-top kettle with water, ideally filtered.

2. Heat water (see Cook’s Note for temperature recommendations).

3. Pour 1/2 cup hot water into a 10-to-12-ounce teapot and swish to warm pot up, about 5 seconds; discard water.

4. Spoon 4 grams tea leaves (1 to 3 rounded tablespoons, depending on density of leaves) directly into teapot or into a basket strainer inside pot.

5. Fill teapot with hot water and let steep (see Cook’s Note for brewing times).

6. When tea is ready, decant it or remove basket strainer to stop the steeping.

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