Fancy Schmancy Camping

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor

You’re going camping, yes, but it’s more like “camping.” You want the Kinfolk-looking version of camping.

We understand. So does Shelter Co., a pop-up lodging service that provides furnished canvas tents for the outdoorsy but stylish set. “A lot of the camping goods on the market are geared towards how light and how small can you pack them down,” Shelter co-owner Kelsey Sheofsky told us. “That’s not really necessary for the majority of people going camping because they’re car camping—there’s really no need to downsize.”

The food doesn’t need to be dumbed down either, she says. “It doesn’t need to sit in your backpack for two weeks—it can sit in a cooler—so you can have all the things you would have at a normal dinner party. In other words, there’s no reason you can’t bring your finest bottles of wine or exotic cheeses.”

We’ve got you covered on the food. Following here are the other items—the pretty things—that will make your campfire dinner into an outdoors dinner party. Really and truly.