Cherries: The Best Thing to Buy, Best Way to Eat It—NOW!

Julia Bainbridge
Food Editor

We keep our eyes peeled for the freshest, most in-season vegetables and the best deals on store shelves. And we do it for you, in the name of making everyday eating unicorn-sighting-exciting. (At least, we try.) Here’s what to buy, and the very best ways to eat it—now!

The cherries right now are deserving of poetry. Sweet, sweet poetry, we say! They’re plump and juicy and earthy but sweet, they’re red as blood, but such a pleasure to eat…

Okay, we’re getting carried away. But really, late June through July is the cherry’s moment in the sun. Here are seven ways, beyond cobbler and pie, to let it shine.

Fresh Cherry Tart

Photo credit: Everyday Food

Just because the recipe title says “Tart” doesn’t mean these cherries have to be cooked. When they’re this good, just scatter them fresh on top of the crust. 

Seared Chicken Salad with Cherries and Goat Cheese Dressing

Photo credit: Everyday Food

Don’t relegate cherries to the sweets-only list. Halved and pitted, they can be tossed into savory salads for a juicy bite. 

Champagne and Cherries

Photo credit: Everyday Food

This is a good party trick that can be done with almost any in-season berry: Plop it into a glass of Champagne. Nothing says “party” like that does. 

Cherry Turnovers

Photo credit: Everyday Food

Forgo the frozen cherries in this recipe for fresh ones. (As if you needed our permission.)

Boozy Sour Cherries

Photo credit: Food52

Impress even your cocktail-snob friends.

Sweet Cherry Granita

Photo credit: Everyday Food

All you need to do to make this is blitz cherries with three other ingredients in a blender and then freeze the mixture in a baking dish. Boom. 

Cherry Sheet Cake

Photo credit: Everyday Food

Sheet cakes are worth getting to know, because they involve just one layer. Sure, they’re not as beautiful as a layer cake, but that’s why you cut them in advance and serve the pieces on a platter.

And that’s how easy, breezy, and beautiful cherries are.