Celebs Make the ‘Groutfit’ Look Cool

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Eva Longoria in groutfit
Eva Longoria looking incredibly comfortable in her groutfit. (Photo: AKM)

Couch potatoes and comfy clothes connoisseurs, rejoice! Groutfits aren’t so bad, after all!

The ‘groutfit’ — an outfit made up of gray clothing, usually sweatpants and a sweatshirt or sweater — has a bad rap for being dull and lazy, but thanks to a handful of celebrities recently stepping out in said look, it’s been given a welcome second chance. Stars like Eva Longoria and Gigi Hadid are rocking the look in ways that would make even the biggest groutfit-hater want to steal their style.

Yesterday, Eva Longoria proved that groutfit could be chic by boosting her gray sweats and matching sweater with a long black pea coat, bunched scarf, and navy blue fedora as she stepped off of a plane in New York City. Yes, she’s wearing a lot of gray and looks ridiculously comfortable, but you cannot deny the fact that Longoria also looks supercool.

Gigi Hadid in groutfit
Gigi Hadid looking both chic and comfy in her groutfit. (Photo: Getty Images)

On her way to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show yesterday, Gigi Hadid pulled off a similar look. She walked into work looking super-lax in a gray hoodie and matching sweatpants, and gave the groutfit an industrial chic and fashion-forward upgrade with a leather jacket and fur-lined Gucci slides. This isn’t the first time she’s donned a groutfit in public. Last winter, Hadid braved a gray NYC day in a turtleneck, gaucho pants, and coat ensemble, and showed her dedication to the style with matching gray boots.

Kendall Jenner’s worn many versions of the groutfit as well. She’s donned the traditional sweatsuit groutfit with stylish sunglasses and a small chic black bag, but she’s also worn groutfit in coordinated pantsuit form.

Kylie Jenner in groutfit.
Kylie Jenner is a big fan of groutfit. (Photo: Flame/Flynet)

Her sister Kylie rocked a groutfit last spring. It consisted of tight gray spandex and a matching crop top. Kylie gave the look a high-fashion revamp with a Chanel Boy Bag in emerald green.

So it’s clear that groutfit is no new phenomenon, but it’s finally getting the spotlight it deserves thanks to celebs who know how to make it work in anywhere from one to 50 shades of gray.

Now, excuse us while we slip into our gray sweatsuit we stuffed in the “don’t ever wear this in public” drawer.

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