Ad-free email and a whole lot more

Enjoy ad-free email, head-to-toe customisation, and security features


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Take control of your inbox. Upgrade to Yahoo Mail Plus today.

The features below are available on desktop and most mobile devices.






Add any account including Gmail, Outlook or AOL, and keep everything in one place

Find things easily with organised views.

Easily view all subscriptions in one place and opt out instantly.

Find all files, documents and photos easily in one place.

Set alerts for emails you care about.






Enjoy your email free of advertising.

Also enjoy your favorite Yahoo sites and apps free of most advertising.

Never worry about deleting emails in order to save storage space.
Standard Yahoo Mail accounts have 1 TB of email storage.

Protect your privacy and declutter your inbox by using alias email addresses (up to 500) when you don’t want to share your real email address.
Standard Yahoo Mail accounts can only create up to 3 temporary email addresses.

Your email account won’t expire and your emails won’t get deleted if there are long periods of email inactivity.

Automatically send a copy of incoming messages from one email account to another, so you can easily stay on top of all your email.

Quickly find the emails, to-dos, photos and files you’ve sent to yourself, organised in one place.

Remove retailer discount recommendations from the top of emails so you get through your emails with fewer distractions.
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Ad-free email wherever you are

Say buh-bye to distractions in your email

Stretch on out with the ad-free Yahoo Mail experience. Email mom on desktop or open that deal on mobile with ZERO ads in your way.

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Disposable email addresses

Protect your privacy by using a temporary email address

For those times you don't want to give out your real email address. Easily make up to 500 temporary addresses and toss 'em when you're done.

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Frequently asked questions

Want to know more about Yahoo Mail Plus? We've provided answers to our most commonly asked questions below.

  • Yahoo Mail Plus gives you greater control of your inbox with an ad-free email experience, premium customisation and security features. You can use Yahoo Mail Plus on iOS, Android, Mobile Web and Desktop.
  • If you are currently subscribed to Yahoo Mail Pro, no changes will be made to your subscription unless you cancel or upgrade. To upgrade from Yahoo Mail Pro to Yahoo Mail Plus, please visit the Yahoo Mail Plus homepage. Make sure you're signed in with the account that subscribes to Yahoo Mail Pro, and select the "Upgrade" button on the page. Alternatively, if you would like to manage your existing Mail Pro subscription, please visit My Subscriptions.
  • You can pay for Yahoo Mail Plus using:

    • Mastercard (credit or debit)
    • Visa (credit or debit)
    • PayPal

    At this time we don't accept cash, checks, money orders or prepaid credit/gift cards.

  • You can manage your subscription in the following ways, based on where you initially purchased.

    Manage your subscription any time on the My Subscriptions page.

    App Store:
    Open your device's Settings app. Tap on your Apple ID at the top of your screen, then Subscriptions.

    Google Play:
    Open the Play Store app on your device. Tap the Menu icon at the top left located in the Search bar, then Subscriptions.

    Once you sign up for Yahoo Mail Plus, your original payment method will be automatically charged when it's time to renew. Unsuccessful payments result in cancellation of the service.

    If you no longer want to subscribe to Yahoo Mail Plus, be sure to cancel so you aren't charged.
  • When you become a Yahoo Plus subscriber, you’ll automatically get added perks like premium tech support for your account. All this in addition to the great features included with your Yahoo Mail Plus subscription.
  • Perks are unlocked with the purchase of an eligible Yahoo Plus subscription at no added cost. These are exclusives that enhance your Yahoo experience and allow you to focus on what's important.