‘Yellowstone’ Season 5 Tailer: John Dutton Makes Debut As Governor

Season Five of "Yellowstone" is sure to bring plenty of drama, and fans simply can't wait.

The Paramount Network just dropped an action-packed trailer for the upcoming season and viewers got their first glimpse of John Dutton (Kevin Costner) as the new governor of Montana.

The trailer for Season Five, which premieres on Nov. 13, shows John being sworn in as governor and quickly realizing that he's in enemy territory.

"You have no friends in this building, John, you're gonna have to bring your own," former governor (and John's on-again, off-again romantic interest) Lynelle Perry (played by Wendy Moniz) says in one scene.

As one of his first moves in office, Dutton fires the existing staff and makes his daughter Beth (Kelly Reilly) his new chief of staff. Beth doesn't have easy path ahead of her, as one of her colleagues reminds her when he says, "They will fight you, they will fight you dirty."

Not that Beth has ever been afraid of a challenge. Her response, "Is there any other way?" proves that she's ready and willing to fight back against her opponents.

That spirited attitude will come in handy, because Caroline Warner (Jacki Weaver), the CEO of a company trying to buy the Dutton family’s land, is determined to crush the competition.

“Ruin them, starting with her," she says, referring to Beth. In a later scene, Warner throws a glass at a window and shouts, "This f---ing family!"

We're counting the days 'til the season premiere. (YouTube)
We're counting the days 'til the season premiere. (YouTube)

Per the trailer's description on YouTube, "Power has a price," and Season Five will follow the Dutton family as they explore how far they're willing to go to maintain it. In one scene, Dutton explains that he loves Montana but is taking on the role of governor for his family.

The rest of the trailer foreshadows the fighting, competition, anger and romance characteristic of "Yellowstone," and fans of the show can't seem to wait for the two-hour premiere.

"Blown away, bring in November," one Twitter user wrote.

"Outstanding trailer! I’ll definitely watch the new season," another commented.

Both old and new fans alike are excited to see all the action in Season Five.

"The fact that I finally am caught up and now get to watch live with everyone else is psyching me out. Can’t wait to get back to the Dutton Ranch but really looking forward to seeing my girl Beth make people go mental," one viewer said.

TODAY's Savannah Guthrie is also pretty excited for Nov. 13.

"I binge-watched it all summer, I had never seen it. Carson and Siri (Daly) are obsessed with it and they were like, 'You gotta watch it.' So I finally did and now I'm obsessed," she said on air on Thursday.

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