Woman's 'terrible day' gets worse when she gets egg instead of nuggets at McDonald's

Sometimes a bad day will just twist the knife in. But there's nothing worse than when your pick-me-up during a tough time is also a bust. Content creator Jessica Gardner was really going through it one day and she just had to vent on TikTok. She was already having a bad day when McDonald's royally messed up her order. "I'm having a terrible day," she explained. "I got a burger. They forgot to put the patty on it. And you know what? That's fine. I got nuggets". But her consolation quickly led to more disappointment. While practically on the verge of tears she opened up the box of nuggets only to find a fried egg. People could relate to her struggle. Who hasn't had an order go wrong at an inopportune time after all. "This has to be an all-time low for having a terrible day. I’m apologizing in advance for laughing," someone commented. "I feel you! It’s always when you’re already having a bad day that this stuff happens," a TikToker replied

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