Windowsill Gardening Kits That'll Kick-Start Your Green Thumb

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Barnyard Herb Garden
Barnyard Herb Garden


Let's bring a little life inside our windows with an indoor windowsill herb garden. These windowsill herb garden kits are perfect for beginner and experienced gardeners alike. They'll have your fresh basil, chives, thyme, rosemary, mint, and more at-the-ready the next time you're dishing it up in the kitchen. There's nothing like fresh herbs to kick-up whatever you've got cooking, and these windowsill herb garden kits will be just the ticket to get you growing in a flash. Many of the options we've featured here have self-watering functions that come in handy for putting those herb gardens on autopilot. Others feature seed pods, special fibrous soil, and even an LED light for making your garden grow. We still managed to include a few no-frills picks that are great for kitchen gardeners who don't mind a daily check in with their little shrubs.

Window Garden Aquaphoric Herb Garden Tub

BUY IT: $39.99;

Each box includes a planter tub, six quarts of fiber soil, and instructions on how to make the most of your window garden. It is narrow enough to fit in many small spaces like behind the kitchen sink or perched on a windowsill. A passive hydroponic system allows the proper balance of water and oxygen to enable the plants to thrive, and the water level indicator takes the guesswork out of the self-watering function.

9-Herb Window Garden

BUY IT: $39.99;

This 34-piece kit comes with everything you need to create your very own herb garden including a set of nine reusable pots, nine packets of seeds, and nine bamboo markers.

Barnyard Designs Herb Garden Rustic Wood Planter

BUY IT: $19.95;

Because there are no drainage holes, opt for herb varieties that take less watering or drill a number of small holes in the bottom of the liner. You can easily lift it out to water and drain before placing it back in the wood planter.

Farmhouse Flower Herb Pot Set with Tray

BUY IT: $21.97;

You’ll find a million uses for these rustic little pots, but our favorite has to be when they’re overflowing with fresh herbs. Each pot measures 4.1 inches by 4.1 inches.

COLMO Indoor Herb Garden Kit with LED Grow Light

BUY IT: $33.99;

Seed capsules, a water storage tank that can last 25 days, and a growth stimulating light take the guesswork out of growing fresh herbs. The LED light has an adjustable arm so you can raise it as your herbs grow.

Windowsill Herb Planter Box

BUY IT: $28.99;

A set of three windowsill herb planter boxes will have the windows all over your home sprouting with fresh herbs. The self-watering, rectangular pots feature deeper wells to allow the roots to really take hold for maximum growth potential.

Farmhouse Kitchen Window Planter Box

BUY IT: $36;

This set includes a bamboo planter box, three pots perfectly sized for small herbs, a drainage tray, and chalk for labeling all of your greens. Use it indoors on a windowsill or outside on a back porch table or porch railing.

Window Garden Rustic Charm Herb Trio Kit

BUY IT: $36.99;

We love these individual rustic planters for their versatility. Cluster them all together or spread them throughout your favorite light-filled indoor spaces to bring a bit of green throughout your home. Each set comes with slate markers, germination bags, and fiber soil—a must for ensuring your herbs thrive.

Indoor Herb Planter by H Potter

BUY IT: $23.50;

This set of hand-hammered pots will add a dose of charm and style to your space. Each pot is designed to hold a 4-inch potted plant and can be removed from the tray for easy watering.

Elongated Self Watering Planter Pots Window Box

BUY IT: $24.99;

The water level indicator will ensure your plant never goes thirsty and a water injection port makes quick work of the refill. The kit comes with four coco coir disks that create 1 quart of wet soil when soaked in 500 mL of water. Because there are no nutrients in the disk, it’s best to add fertilizer to the mix before planting.