Tell Me Something That You've Experienced That You're Pretty Sure No One Else On This Planet Has

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It's hard in this world to have something TRULY unique happen to you. It seems like every time something is relatable to you, it's relatable to like, millions of other people too.

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But it has to happen, right?? So that's what I want to know: What is something that you think no one else has experienced, except you?

For example, have you survived a one-in-a-million event? / Via

Did you accidentally find your long-lost twin that you never knew you had à la Sister, Sister?

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Do you just, like, have a weird thing that happened to your body that you're pretty sure has never happened to anyone else?

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Tell me the wholeeeee story. Big or small, as long as you think it's completely unique, I want to hear it. Then we can find out if it really is special to you, or just another shared experience amongst many of us. The best responses will be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post!