Your Weekly Love Horoscope for The Week of June 27, 2022

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Your Weekly Love Horoscope for The Week of June 27, 2022. Discover your Weekly Love Horoscope for each zodiac sign here.


You may be looking inward rather than seeking romantic action as the week begins, and it's healthy for your state of mind (and heart!). Just don't miss an important moment, a crucial cue or a serious signal. You're definitely ready to look around at your world and envision the possibilities for your love life around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. How is it from someone else's perspective, though? Check it out this weekend -- get insight into who others are, how they feel and how they're seeing you, lest you get stuck in your own worldview.


There's a certain something in the air as the week begins -- you're not your usual steady self. This could mean some changes in the realm of romance. As your patience goes out the window, consider that it may be time for action! Around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, it's easy to establish an understanding, share feelings and explore beliefs. Every interaction holds possibilities, and the potential only grows if you open your heart and mind. And you'll want to open wide -- when the weekend comes, you might just have a romantic revelation, if you're ready for it!


Do the math as the week begins. The love equation may be simpler than you think, and a little calculation helps a lot. How about a list of pros and cons? (One big one may outweigh the entire other column!) You may be a bit of a know-it-all around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday -- that's good for work, but not so perfect for more amorous pursuits. Be sure to show as well as tell, and ask as well as spout off. And this weekend, it's up to you to uncover the hidden factors and add them in. Begin by looking deeply into your own heart.


You may be all over the place, emotionally speaking, as the week begins. A good rule of thumb in matters of the heart now: Wait and see. Around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, you've got the opportunity to sort through your own feelings and learn more about someone else's -- it's all about a balance between getting in touch with both yourself and others. Get grounded through taking good care of mind and body. Think things through. This weekend, these efforts can pay off in serious ways. Show the universe you're ready!


Can you wrap your mind around love's mysterious ways as the week begins? Romance is imbued with all sorts of meaning now -- it's multi-layered, rich and ready for further investigation. What does your instinct say? Then fun's on the way around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Plan ahead and make the most of it with your sweetie if you've got one. Go out and about with friends if you're single. For best results, try somewhere you've never been before. And this weekend, remember that love's not about looking out for number-one. Be vulnerable. Be giving. Be beautiful.

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What you've learned in life and love can come together in an amazing way as the week begins. You're not making the same mistake twice (right?), and the personal work you've put in is really working. Right on! And while you may know it all in other spheres, when it comes to love, you're smart enough to keep looking into your own heart and finding out about others. That's a terrific mode, in fact, for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Watch for a wrinkle in the fabric of your world this weekend. Does it demand ironing, or would it be more interesting, maybe even more exciting, to explore its contours?


Love's less about flirty frivolity and more about taking things seriously, as the week begins. Make sure you're coming from an unselfish place, as the stars may push you to concentrate on your own desires now. Around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, though, you're very able to meet life's possibilities -- or a certain someone -- more than halfway. It's a hot way to be, and the answer to your questions is highly likely to be a resounding 'yes!' When the weekend comes, beware of the blues. Do something nice for somebody to feel better about everything.


Your love power's practically hypnotic at the beginning of the week. Use that magic of yours with care -- you don't want things to get too intense. (Or maybe you do!) You're not in quite as much control as usual around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Going with the flow a bit is helpful, but when it comes to matters of the heart, stop and make sure you're going in the direction of what (or whom) you truly want. When the weekend comes, you're much more grounded. Use this rock-steady time to lay (or reinforce) some sweet foundations!


Something (or someone?) is holding you back as the week begins, and the energy in the romantic sphere may be just plain weird. (Don't overlook one possible culprit: Yourself.) Try to get a different perspective -- then welcome a change around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Now you can definitely take a step in the right direction regarding your love path, so don't delay! For great dates -- or places to find great dates -- this weekend, seek out the arts, music or anything unusual. Feed the mind, the senses and the heart!


You're unusually attuned to the little things as the week begins, and what you see on a micro level (when it comes to your love life) might surprise you. Know also that the little things you do have a big impact now. You can work on your larger romantic plan around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday -- but do beware of getting ahead of yourself (or of a certain someone!). Keep the realm of romance within the realm of reality. This weekend, however, reality's yours for the shaping. You're super hot! Work it.


You might want to hang out the 'Do Not Disturb' sign as the week begins -- and not necessarily because you're holed up with a certain someone. Your privacy and independence are precious now. Give yourself the space you need. Then, around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, you're ready to share your life again, and people love being around you. Maybe it's your big ideas and the stars in your eyes! When the weekend comes, figure out what's been off your romantic radar. Now's the time to tune into what (or is that whom?) you've been missing.


No one likes someone who's pushy when it comes to love, but being a pushover won't do your love life any favors either. As the week begins, stand up for what you want. You can be assertive without being aggressive. Around Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, your innate ability to assess the feelings of others gives you a major romantic advantage -- tune into it. They'll be stunned by how well you 'get' them, and if it's a love connection, it can really heat up. This weekend, a friend can lend a hand. Quit protesting and let them!

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